Who are Concentrix?

Who are Concentrix?

Have you been contacted by Concentrix?

HMRC is working with a company called Concentrix to check tax credits claims are correct and up to date. If someone from Concentrix contacts you, it’s really important that you give them the information or evidence they ask for, by the date they say. Your tax credits award could be changed if you don’t.

You may receive a letter that suggests you have another adult living with you, even if you are a single parent. The letter may state that you are required to send information to Concentrix as part of their investigation. It is important to reply to the letter as soon as possible and before the given deadline, otherwise your tax credits could be suspended.

What triggers Concentrix checks?

Some of the possible reasons for an investigation may include:

  • Bills that are still in joint names, eg mobile phones, utility bills
  • Credit cards still in joint names
  • Joint bank accounts (even if they are not used)
  • Electoral roll records still listing your ex-partner as a resident in your home
  • Council tax bills that still show an ex-partner’s name
  • Tenancy agreements in joint names registered at your property
  • Your child’s details appearing in financial records (if they are an adult but still living at home)


What should I do when I receive a letter?

You should call the number given in the letter before you attempt to gather all the documents requested. Compliance check letters are computer generated and making a telephone call first may help to resolve the investigation, or reduce the number of documents you are asked to send.

If you cannot reach Concentrix by telephone then you should reply to the address given in the letter. 

Alternatively if you can visit a Citizens Advice Bureau the advisers there will be able to make telephone contact with Concentrix on your behalf.

How can I complain?

If you wish to complain about the investigation, you can contact HMRC directly. If you receive poor service from a Concentrix member of staff you can send a written complaint to: Concentrix, PO Box 4949. Lancing, BN11 9Y.

Change in circumstances

If your circumstances have changed, for example if you’ve changed your working hours, started living with a new partner or changed your childcare arrangements, you may need to inform HMRC. See our Going back to work information pack for information on when you should inform HMRC.

Other sources of help and support

Call the Lone Parent helpline for support and advice on 0808 801 0323.

To speak to Concentrix, you will need to call 0345 6003130.

See Tax credits: challenging decisions at CPAG.

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3 Responses to Who are Concentrix?

  1. Bill Caldwell says:

    Staff at concentrix in belfast probably at lanyon place have altered the information on a work tax credit form completely of their own accord with no update information from myself so that instead of the true work hours I put on the form it now reads I did 5 hours work/week. This has disqualified me from work tax credit and also free prescriptions. As I am currently off work with a serious gastric disorder this situation caused by concentrix has made matters much worse.

    Staff and management at concentrix are immoral and probably do a lot of illegal/immoral form tampering so they hit their targets and keep their contracts. This company needs looking at with a view to firing the immoral staff components so they can get their house in order. I shall be seeking legal advise and posting as publicly as I can about concentrix as they have vexed me more than somewhat.

  2. Liz black says:

    Going through so much stress , this is a disgrace, I have a disabled daughter who has been waiting for appointments now had to cancel due to making ends meet for food. I do not receive my 1st letter no reminder letter just money stopped been on phone for 74 mins now can’t stop crying.

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